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Anthology: Because You Love to Hate Me

Editor:  Ameriie

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments:


Because You Love to Hate Me

Ameriie, ed.


<  July 2017, 1st edition

Bloomsbury USA Children's Books

ISBN 978-1-68119-364-9

Hardcover, 368 pages



  •  Introduction by Ameriie.

  •  'Gwen and Art and Lance' and 'Shirley & Jim' are non-genre.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Renée Ahdieh, The Blood of Imuriv  //  Ameriie, Jack  //  Soman Chainani, Gwen and Art and Lance  //  

Susan Dennard, Shirley & Jim  //  Sarah Enni, The Blessing of Little Wants  //  Marissa Meyer, The Sea Witch  //  

Cindy Pon, Beautiful Venom  //  Victoria Schwab, Death Knell  //  Samantha Shannon, Marigold  //  Adam Silvera,

You, You, It's All About You  //  Andrew Smith, Julian Breaks Every Rule  //  April Genevieve Tucholke, Indigo and

Shade  //  Nicola Yoon, Sera

Essays: Christine Riccio, The Evil Vaccine: Keep the Darkness at Bay  //  Tina Burke, Giants and Tyrants  //  

Samantha Lane, The Bad Girl Hall of Fame  //  Sasha Alsberg, Dear Sasha, the 411 for Villains  //  Sophia Lee, Will

the Real Villain Please Stand Up?  //  Zoë Herdt, Villain or Hero? You Decide!  //  Benjamin Alderson, Without the

Evil in the World, How Do We See the Good?  //  Jesse George, Dear Death  //  Regan Perusse, Evil Revealed  //  

Catriona Feeney, Behind the Villain's Mask  //  Raeleen Lemay, Julian Powell: Teen Psycho Extraordinaire  //  

Whitney Atkinson, Glamorized Recovery: Expectations vs. Reality  //  Kat Kennedy, Steph Sinclair, The Bad Girls'

Guide to Villainy