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Anthology: A Field Guide to Surreal Botany

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Janet Chui  |  Jason Erik Lundberg

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments:


A Field Guide to Surreal Botany

Jason Erik Lundberg, Janet Chui, eds.


Library edition: July 2008, 1st edition, 1st printing

Two Cranes Press

ISBN 978-981-08-1017-7

Paperback, 71 pages

$12.00 / S$14.00


  •  Interior artwork by Janet Chui.

Fiction: Andrew Nicolle, Avian Trumpetflower  //  Jay Lake, Baby Cabbage, Also Regionally Referred to as the Leaf,

Squallroot or Mother's Little Helper  //  Eric J. Millar, Bone Garden, Otherwise Known as Adam's Ribcage  //  Jonathan

Wonham, Couch Kelp  //  Elaine Clift, Forget-Me-Bastard  //  Mary E. Lowd, Kitty Willow  //  H. F. Gibbard, Kvetching

Aspen  //  Yvonne Pronovost, Screaming Mimi  //  David Kelly, Singing Grass  //  Suzanne Palmer, Swift River

Hopping Pitcher Plant  //  Christopher M. Cevasco, Time Cactus  //  Livia Llewellyn, Teslated Salishan Evergreen  //  

Erik Amundsen, Waterbaby Cress  //  Alex Chambers, Wild Homilywort (var. Speechtree)  //  Philip J. Lees, The

Faerie Hogweed  //  Mark Teppo, Haunt Vine (Also Known as Ghostroot and Spirit Creeper)  //  Stephanie Campisi,

Ben Peek, The Nabokov  //  Catherine Gunson, Thuringian Shade Tree  //  January Mortimer, Stag-Eye Nettle  //  

Vera Nazarian, Twilight Luon-Sibir  //  Alexandra O'Neal, Attercopp Plant  //  Kris Dikeman, Nightmare Lotus  //  Eric

Schaller, Queen Victoria's Bloomers, Monkey Ho  //  David Coulter, Wind Melon, Saturn Melon, God's Eyes  // Jon

Hansen, Dream Melons  //  Matthew Baugh, Flame Lily  //  Susan Fedynak, (Floating) Armor of the Dark Blue Heart

//  Brendan Carson, Lautokan Ear-blossom Plant (Tautau e vata)  //  Shveta Thakrar, Padmamukhi (the Lotus-

Mouthed)  //  Shweta Narayan, Whistle Tree  //  Elizabeth Langford, Big Yellow Flower of Unnecessarily Obvious

Information  //  Steve Himmer, Bitter Mortar  //  John Bowker, Burning Bush Fungus  //  Ann Leckie, Clickweed  //  

James Trimarco, Cloud Anemone  //  John Black, Devil's Pork  //  Steve Berman, Esemtep  //  Lucy A. Snyder, Fairy

Apple, Timewarp Lemon, or Atlantis Mandrake  //  Francesca Forrest, Firefly Bellflower  //  Patricia L. Havis, Giant

Cloud Lily  //  Adam Nakama, Leonidas' Bloom  //  Merrie Haskell, Library Plum  //  Cassandra Phillips-Sears,

Ozymandia-plant  //  Victoria Elisabeth Garcia, Poliphila, or Shriner Vine  //  Toiya Kristen Finley, The Poseur

Nosehairs  //  Matthew Kressel, The Sembla  //  Darja Malcolm-Clarke, Shade's Globe, or Sibylwort  //  Tom

Pendergrass, Ugly Tree, Medusa's Hairbrush