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Anthology: Nevertheless, She Persisted: Flash Fiction Project

Editor: uncredited

Language: English


Bibliographic comments: Editor is uncredited. A Tor blog post on 4 March 2020 says this anthology was "organized by science

fiction and fantasy editor Diana M. Pho and in collaboration with editors Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Lee Harris, Liz Gorinsky,

Marco Palmieri, and Miriam Weinberg."


Nevertheless, She Persisted: Flash Fiction Project

uncredited, ed.


Library edition: February 2020, 1st edition


ISBN 978-1-250-78168-0




  •  Relevant contents are linked in blue.

Fiction: Kameron Hurley, Our Faces, Radiant Sisters, Our Faces Are Full of Light!  //  Alyssa Wong, God Product  //  

Carrie Vaughn, Alchemy  //  Seanan McGuire, Persephone  //  Charlie Jane Anders, Margot and Rosalind  //  Maria

Dahvana Headley, Astronaut  //  Nisi Shawl, More Than Nothing  //  Brooke Bolander, The Last of the Minotaur

Wives  //  Amal El-Mohtar, Anabasis  //  Catherynne M. Valente, The Ordinary Woman and the Unquiet Emperor

Poetry: Jo Walton, The Jump Rope Rhyme

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