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Fanzine: Big Sky

Editor: Peter Young

Language: English


Issues: 5, 2013 – 2015

Websites: eFanzines  |  Fancyclopedia 3  |  ISFDB


Bibliographic comments: Possibly the first English-language science fiction fanzine from Thailand.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.


Big Sky #1: Asia

Peter Young, ed.

Library edition:  March 2013

Peter Young

PDF, 79 pages

No cover price


  •  Editorial 'Emigré' by Peter Young.

  •  Only essays are listed; also contains reviews and the pictorial section 'Chinese Space Children'.

Essays: Peter Young, Fanzines Over Astrakhan  //  Jess Nevins, Mirai-ki: The Forgotten History of Japan's Early

Science Fiction  //  Manish Mohan Gore, Arvind Mishra, Science Fiction in Hindi: A Critic's View  //  S. P. Somtow,

Feet of Clay  //  Peter Young, Distant Barking Dogs  //  Peter Young, Deep Fried Excess  //  Peter Young, Burma's

Little Brother: MiA?  //  Peter Young, In Which Things Ain't What They Seem  //  Peter Young, More Sleuthing  //  

Peter Young, Corrupted Minors

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